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Student Handbook

The student handbook is available for download below. This handbook contains the history and philosophy of education of our Academy, policies such as our Equal Enrollment Policy, and some pertinent parent and student information. Any questions concerning any of the information in the handbook should be addresses to the school secretaries.

Dress Code

Dress and Appearance Guidelines

The purpose of the guidelines set down by the administration for the appearance of each student is not to legislate morality (which must come from the heart), but rather to encourage Christian young people to be concerned with the Biblical principle of modesty neglected by many Christians today.  Proper dress also encourages and complements a serious approach to academic subjects by each student.  Three basic questions should be asked concerning dress:

  • Is it modest?
  • Does it call undue attention to itself?
  • Does it identify with a rebellious element of society that is contrary to God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

These dress standards will apply at school and at all school activities.

Dress Code

Clothing may not have writing or pictures that are offensive, divisive, inappropriate, suggestive, faddish, or contrary to Biblical principles.

Men and boys – Apparel that is relaxed with a neat, conservative appearance

  • Shirts – Collared shirt (no denim or denim-like material, such as chambray). Shirts must be tucked in. All buttons except the top one must be buttoned. Midriffs may not show at any time.
  • Pants – Solid-colored chinos, casual or dress pants (no denim, cargo style, drawstrings, or athletic materials). No sagging or tight pants. Neutral-colored belt worn through belt loops (no studded belts).
  • Socks must be worn with all shoes
  • Hair must be clean, neatly styled, and well-groomed. Hair should be off the ears and collar and above the eyebrows in front when styled.  Sideburns should be no longer than the middle of the ear.  Boys should be clean shaven; mustaches and beards are not permitted.  Coloring and bleaching is not permitted.  Faddish and unisex hairstyles are not permitted.
  • Accessories – One watch, one bracelet, one ring (purity or class) are permitted; one chain or leather cord may be worn inside the shirt. No piercings of any kind are allowed.

Ladies and girls – Apparel that is relaxed with a neat, conservative appearance. Allow enough ease so that clothing is not tight. Undergarments are not to be seen. Avoid oversized armholes, sheer material, spaghetti straps, and figure-hugging apparel. Garments that are backless or revealing in any position are immodest. Pants and/or shorts are not part of the dress code for ladies.

  • Blouse, polo, or other appropriate shirt (no t-shirts). Tops must cover the shoulders entirely with sleeves, and necklines should not reveal any hint of cleavage. All buttons except the top one must be buttoned. Midriffs may not show at any time.
  • Dress, jumper, or skirt. Hemlines and slits should be no higher than the top of the kneecap at all times (even under see-through fabric). Skirts should not buckle or ride up when walking or sitting.
  • Leggings or tights may be worn under a knee-length skirt or other knee-length bottom.
  • Socks must be worn with all shoes except those that are designed to be worn without socks (like dress shoes).
  • Hair must be clean and neatly styled. Bangs should be above the eyebrows.  Hair may be dyed complimentary natural colors (styles such as “ombre,” “dip-dyed,” etc. are not allowed).  Faddish and unisex hairstyles are not permitted.
  • Accessories – Bracelets, necklaces, watch, rings, and earrings are permitted. Only ear piercings are allowed; other piercings are not permitted. Anklets are permitted but must be able to be removed for P.E. Gaudy/chunky jewelry, and chokers are not permitted. Fingernail polish may be any color that is not bright, neon, or black (for Elementary: fake or press-on nails are not permitted). Makeup may be worn with discretion and should be light and natural looking.



Shoes must be closed-toe and have a closed back. No slippers, flip-flops, sandals, crocs, or working boot style shoes. Heels may not exceed two inches. Shoes with wheels are not permitted. Shoes designed to be worn with laces must be worn with laces.



Hats/beanies may not be worn inside the building or during gym classes (except under special circumstances determined by the teacher).

Special Day Attire

LBA Spirit Day (Fridays only) – Men and ladies may wear LBA t-shirts, hoodies, or sweatshirts. These must be Liberty Baptist Academy clothing.  If the student is wearing an LBA spirit top, jean pants (for boys) are allowed to be worn on these days.

Casual Day/Field Trip – Men and ladies may wear jeans (loose fitting without holes). T-shirts should not have inappropriate pictures or words on them. Sweatpants or shorts to the knee may be worn only if specifically specified.

The administration reserves the right to determine whether or not a particular article of clothing, hairstyle, accessory, or fad of any kind is acceptable.

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